Air Quality

I am heavily involved in campaigning for better air quality and to improve our green spaces.

As Mayor of the Sheffield City Region (SCR), I have pledged to introduce an Air Quality Action Plan which brings together the four South Yorkshire councils and transport providers to reduce the health costs associated with poor air quality.

I will also work with Highways England to reduce levels of harmful vehicle emissions that come from excess traffic on our roads.

Tackling pollution and unclean air requires a collaborative approach. This is why I have been working with other Mayors from all across the country to develop a more co-ordinated approach to improving our environment.

How we tackle air quality problems cannot, and should not, simply be reacting to the effects of pollution. We have also got to take preventative steps to improve our environment.

I am also working with the Woodland Trust as part of the ‘Trees for Schools’ project to plant armistice day trees across the city region on the centenary of the end of WW1. This project will have two purposes: to commemorate a generation that made the ultimate sacrifice and build a more sustainable world for the next.

We can all play our part if we are to protect and preserve the environment, just by making small changes to our lifestyles – such as walking or cycling to work. That is why I will appoint an Active Travel Commissioner to promote walking and cycling across the city region.

I will also use the powers of the SCR Mayor to improve public transport – for example, fighting for increased investment in electric and hydrogen buses to reduce pollution in the town and city centres of the city region.

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