Barnsley Chronicle column: fly tippers need dumping in it!

I’m going to talk rubbish.

Well, what else would you expect from a politician, some may say!

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Barnsley Chronicle column: summer fun in Barnsley

Summer’s here – give or take the odd bit of rain – and every parent and grandparent is familiar with the annual challenge of trying to keep the children entertained!

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Barnsley Chronicle column: BYC are inspirational ambassadors

I have often spoken about the talents of the Barnsley Youth Choir but their latest success deserves further recognition.

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Barnsley Chronicle column: I won’t stop until our town is rid of dangerous ‘legal highs'

Hopefully most people in Barnsley know of my ongoing campaign against so-called ‘legal highs’ – the vile substances that mimic the effects of illegal drugs, such as ecstasy and cocaine, and are easily purchased in high street shops due to a loophole in the law.

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Barnsley Chronicle column: The Scandal of Winter Deaths

Every winter elderly people die in Barnsley because they are unable to properly heat their homes – on average there are an extra 116 deaths each year in our town, purely as a result of the cold.

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Barnsley Independent article: With support we can recover

On 5 March at 11am, I will be involved in a live debate on BBC Radio Sheffield with Michael Heseltine about the legacy of pit closures on mining communities.

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Barnsley Independent article: Dan's important question

Every week I get literally hundreds and hundreds of different messages, from people asking me about my views. I get letters, emails, phone calls, posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter, as well as people stopping me in the street to ask me about different issues.

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Barnsley Independent article: It's an Expensive Time - Beware of 'Pay Day' Lenders

I was listening to a local radio programme last week where they were discussing some of the strangest requests for Christmas presents from children. A potato, a brick and a kebab were mentioned, along with a little girl who wanted a wall – so that she didn’t have to share her room with her sister anymore!

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Barnsley Independent article: We must have a fair wage for a hard day's work

Earlier this year I won the lottery. Not the national lottery (although with Christmas around the corner that would have been quite handy)!

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Barnsley Chronicle column: Children's mental health 'a priority'

Over the last few months it has become increasingly clear that local mental health services for children and adolescents are under acute pressure.

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