Dan Jarvis - Message to South Yorkshire Key Workers

I want to express my profound and heartfelt gratitude to all of those on the front line of the most serious public health crisis any of us have faced.

To our nurses, cleaners, administrators, and doctors in our National Health Service, who are showing every day just why that institution is so often seen as representing the very best of us.

To staff in social care, looking after those at greatest risk from this disease.

To the workers keeping our transport and vital utilities running – the foundations of our infrastructure and economy.

To the postmen and women still delivering the mail.

To the funeral workers making sure we can still treat the dead with dignity.

To the workers all along the supply chain keeping food in the shops; farmers, delivery drivers and supermarket workers.

To the national and local government staff delivering essential services, providing social support, and ensuring benefits, including for the thousands now facing sudden unemployment, are paid.

To the emergency services, members of our Armed Forces and border force, and prisons and probation staff keeping us safe.

To the nursery and school teachers and support staff without which other essential workers with children would be unable to do their jobs.

To public service journalists providing the information we need as events move so fast around us.  

Without exaggeration, through this massive team effort, you are all holding our society together, working tirelessly to support our communities and giving us hope for the future. 

I appreciate that simply in continuing to go out and do your jobs you are putting yourselves at heightened risk.

I know how much harder many of you are having to work, often in very difficult conditions.

I am deeply grateful to you.

No-one knows what the future will hold, but more challenges lie ahead.

As we get through this together, my team and I will do everything we can to support you.

On behalf of everyone across South Yorkshire, thank you.

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