Health: NHS Crisis

There is no doubt that the NHS is currently under enormous pressure. Mismanagement by the Government for the last six years has left services stretched and staff demoralised. We need to return to the fundamental principles at the heart of the NHS and ensure that the service is properly funded for the future.

I fully support an NHS which is free at the point of use. The NHS is the greatest achievement of the Labour Party in government and I will always fight to defend it.

The Conservative Government’s record on the NHS speaks for itself. The recent reports of the appalling conditions which some patients are suffering due to a lack of resources are truly shocking. However, the Prime Minister and the Health Secretary continue to act as if there are no problems in the NHS.

In the last six years, the NHS has gone from a surplus to one of the worst deficits in its history. We need additional funding, particularly in the high-pressure areas of Accident & Emergency and adult social care. There is a great deal of uncertainty about services at the moment, which needs to be addressed. We need a clear funding plan and a strategy to deal with the long-term issues facing the NHS, including the aging population and the growing public health crisis.

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