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  • Graduation

    Today I am speaking at the graduation ceremony for University Campus Barnsley and Barnsley College.My theme will be what we can learn from our own past to influence our future. I was inspired by an event a few weeks ago, when people across the globe celebrated ‘Back to the Future Day’ &ndash... More

  • Our 999 Crews are the backbone of community

    Most of us, at some point in our lives, have to rely on our emergency services. From the local Barnsley police, to our ambulance and fire crews, the work these services do cannot be underestimated. These people serve us. The chilling attacks in Paris last week remind us how much we rely on them. They... More

  • Don’t lose the right to vote!

    In just a few months’ time over a million voters could lose the right to vote – and they may not even realise it.It is potentially the biggest disenfranchisement in the history of the United Kingdom and is a potential disaster for democracy in our country. Many people, without even knowing... More