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  • Performers Alliance Reception Speech

    Thank you for welcoming me to your reception this year – as always, it is a pleasure to join so many people who work in the Creative Industries.It was inspiring to hear from Tim, Abby and Andy and I will reflect on what they have said.A year ago I attended this reception when I had only been in... More

  • Sheffield Arts and Wellbeing Network

    Today I attended the launch of the Sheffield Arts and Wellbeing Network. As Shadow Minister for the Arts, I was delighted to speak at the event. My speech is below:Britain more than ever survives and prospers by the talent and health of its people.Investment in human capital: to allow people to innovate... More

  • Launch of the Miners' Memorial Garden Appeal

    On Sunday, I spoke at the National Coalmining Museum, at the launch event for the Miners' Memorial Garden Appeal. This garden will be a welcome addition to the museum. My speech is posted in full, below.Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen - As Member of Parliament for Barnsley Central, a... More

  • Ed's Vision for Britain

    Today we saw a speech that was in all aspects the speech of a leader. A Labour Leader.Ed Miliband connected with everyone in the auditorium, as he demonstrated, without a doubt, why the next Government should be a Labour Government, with Ed as Prime Minister.It was a speech of the personal and the policy... More

  • Conference and Labour's Youth Jobs Taskforce

    It is always good to join other Labour Party members at annual conference. It really is a great opportunity to hear from all different types of members, grassroots activists, union activists, local elected members and MPs.There are the fringe events, where policy and campaigns take centre stage, policy... More