South Yorkshire Mayor calls for uplift in Universal Credit to be kept

Alongside other Labour Metro Mayors, South Yorkshire Mayor Dan Jarvis has called on the Government to scrap the cut to Universal Credit.

A quarter of families in South Yorkshire will have their incomes cut by more than £1,000 a year, at a time of economic crisis, and a planned increase in National Insurance.

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Dan Jarvis - Speech in the Debate on Afghanistan, 18 August 2021

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Mr Speaker,

Like many Honourable Members I’m wracked with profound sadness at the catastrophe unfolding in Afghanistan.

It is an unspeakable tragedy for the people of that country, who after generations of conflict now live under a terrible cloud of fear and repression.

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Dan Jarvis - Barnsley Chronicle 30 July 2021

The summer holidays are finally here after what has undoubtedly been a tough year for students, staff, parents, and carers across our region. I hope the break will provide a chance for most to relax and spend quality time together.  

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Dan Jarvis MP visits Lang Avenue flood mitigation works

Barnsley Central MP and South Yorkshire Mayor Dan Jarvis took part in a site visit at Lang Avenue, Lundwood to meet with officers from Barnsley Council and Yorkshire Water and discuss the ongoing flood alleviation works. 

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Dan Jarvis - Message of Solidarity on Worker's Memorial Day

Worker’s Memorial Day is always a poignant moment each year. It’s an opportunity to reflect on those workers who’ve lost their lives in the workplace. It’s a chance to pay tribute to the incredible campaigning efforts of our trade union and labour movement. And it’s a chance to recommit ourselves to the fight for a better, safer world of work.

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Dan Jarvis - Barnsley Chronicle 23 April 2021

Last weekend, The Duke of Edinburgh was laid to rest at the grand old age of 99. I was grateful for the opportunity to attend a memorial service to the Duke’s life and to pay tribute to his lifetime of public service. Prince Philip’s was a life of extraordinary variety. From his service as the long-serving consort to the Queen throughout their 73 years of marriage; to the inspiration he provided to millions of young people – including (many moons ago!) me on an unforgettable expedition up the Himalayas  through the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme. His was truly a life well-lived. 

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Mayor slams 'disgraceful' Super League proposals

Barnsley Central MP and South Yorkshire Mayor Dan Jarvis has condemned proposals for a breakaway ‘European Super League’ including the Premier League’s Big Six clubs.

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Dan Jarvis - Barnsley Chronicle 16 April 2021

On a sunny Sunday afternoon recently, I took part in a two hour Zoom meeting – the kind of which has become the norm in the last 12 months! – on the issue of Community Wealth Building. I’ll admit it, at first mention it’s not something that will set many pulses racing. But the reason that those on that call were willing to give up a nice Sunday afternoon is because this is an idea with the potential to reshape how our economy works.  

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Dan Jarvis - Statement on restrictions easing

From 19 July, most Covid legal restrictions have lifted. Whilst it is very welcome that we on the road back to normality, positive cases and the numbers of people having to self-isolate is increasing rapidly – with Barnsley amongst the top ten hotspots in the country. This underlines the fact that we aren’t yet out of the woods.

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Dan Jarvis - Barnsley Chronicle 9 April 2021

Our young people have been hit incredibly hard by the pandemic. Pupils have experienced extensive disruption to their education through the shift to learning remotely. University students especially have had to grapple with the unimaginable difficulty of uprooting their lives to an entirely new city, only to be locked down in their accommodation, unable to return to families and unable to make the most of the university experience that they had expected. Apprentices have faced huge uncertainty about their future employment and training. Young families are more likely to be in insecure, rented housing without access to gardens or outdoor spaces. Young workers are more likely to be the first in line for redundancy if firms are forced to make job losses.  

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