Victims of crime deserve more than a code

I hold many memories from the day I was elected to parliament, but I often reflect on a conversation I had in the midst of polling day. I met a woman who had endured the horrific pain of losing her sister - who had been raped and brutally murdered. I remember listening to her describe the profound impact it had on her family and, in her words, the "fog of despair" that engulfed her upon first hearing the tragic news.

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Dan Jarvis MP on Government Code for Victims of Crime

Dan Jarvis MP, Labour’s Shadow Justice Minister, commenting on the Government’s response to the Victims’ Code consultation, said:

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We must all work together to avoid winter deaths

Today I gave the following speech to a conference organised by Barnsley Council, 'A Call to Action: Eliminating Excess Winter Deaths in Barnsley'.

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My reaction to the Daily Mail’s attack on Ralph Miliband

All our veterans who have bravely risked their lives in the service of our country and to protect the freedoms we enjoy today, deserve our heartfelt gratitude and our total support.

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Barnsley's GCSE results are worth celebrating

I am delighted to see that Barnsley students are continuing the trend of improving their GCSE results, year on year.

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Signalling my opposition to the East Coast Main Line re-privatisation

On Yorkshire Day I was proud to join local TSSA trade unionists and rail campaigners at Leeds railway station, to campaign against the re-privatisation of the East Coast Main Line.

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Trying to turn the tide for Lang Avenue

Last week I took the concerns of Barnsley residents to the top of Yorkshire Water. I travelled to Bradford to meet Chief Executive, Richard Flint, to raise the concerns of the long-suffering residents of Lang Avenue in Lundwood. This follows my recent visit to the company’s sewage treatment works, which are next to Lang Avenue.

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Asking Barnsley Central residents why they are turned off by politics

Later this month I am hosting a public meeting where any Barnsley Central residents can come and discuss why they are disillusioned by politics and politicians. The event is particularly aimed at those who do not generally vote in elections.

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This is what I do on a Friday in the Barnsley Central constituency...

Friday 5th July was a typical day for me spent in the constituency; meeting and listening to the views of my constituents. I consider my time in Barnsley to be vital for meeting with the public and listening to what they’ve got to say; I believe I couldn’t do my job of effectively representing my constituents in Parliament without this contact. Given that there was some interest about where MPs were on Friday 5th July, I thought it might be useful if I kept a diary about what I did on this particular day, so that people have an idea about what I do on a typical constituency day. Here it is.

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Let's Nurture the Talent in our Region

For me, the best part of being an MP is the opportunity to meet with young people and talk to them about their aspirations for the future.

We have some outstanding young talent in the region and in my constituency of Barnsley Central, but too often we hear the aspiration and ambition of these people being talked down.

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