For Barnsley Central constituents – my statement on the recall of Parliament:

I grew up in Margaret Thatcher's Britain. It was a bitterly divisive place. I saw firsthand the devastation her policies caused; it is a legacy which in many communities remains today.

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Bringing forward the day when all cancers are cured, right here in Yorkshire

With less than two weeks to go before the marathon, I’m squeezing in training whenever I find a spare moment. I ‘enjoyed’ a long run through the town last weekend.

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1 month to go!

With a month to go to the London Marathon, I thought I would let people know how I am getting on with my training and fundraising. The wet weather that was somewhat dampening my spirits in my last blog, then turned to snow and ice! But now, as the mornings and evenings grow slightly brighter, in theory it should be easier to get out, however the tempo of Parliamentary life has not been helpful!

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How we can help young people in Barnsley to realise their potential

Too often you hear people talk down the aspiration and ambition of young people in Barnsley. Not often enough do we celebrate those people who have come from Barnsley and gone on to greatness. We're not short of role models; we should make the most of them as part of way in which we encourage the next generation to succeed.

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Dan Jarvis MP Champions Local Barnsley Apprenticeship Scheme

This week, Dan Jarvis MP championed a new Barnsley College apprenticeship initiative in the House of Commons.

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National Library Day: Time to stop the government living in the fantasy section

This Saturday, Libraries across the UK will celebrate National Libraries Day; from a Caribbean Carnival in Brighton to Library staff embracing new technology by tweeting about their day in Leeds; libraries nationwide will be celebrating the essential role they play in providing services to local communities. If we believe in a society in which everyone, regardless of background, is able to pursue their interests, education and personal development then libraries are a fundamental tool which should be supported.

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Jarvis - It is unacceptable that in 2013, cold weather is still fatal

The Office of National Statistics recently published its annual report that revealed how many individuals have paid the highest price for fuel-poor homes. During the winter of 2011/12, 24,000 people died as a result of plummeting temperatures and soaring heating bills.

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Why I'm running the London Marathon for Cancer Research UK

As the nights draw in, and the days get colder and wetter, it’s become a bit more difficult to get out and train for the London Marathon which takes place next April. But I have managed the occasional run at the weekend which has provided valuable and enjoyable opportunities to be out and about in Barnsley.

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Labour's Policy Review: Libraries

Today Dan Jarvis MP, Shadow Minister for Culture, has published a report on Libraries: Innovation, Co-location and Partnership

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George Osborne is Failing Barnsley

Dan Jarvis, MP for Barnsley Central has accused the Chancellor of the Exchequer of “failure” following his Autumn Statement, a ‘mini-budget’ that sets out his latest plans for the economy.

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