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You can read about my view on a variety of policy issues here. Posts are organised in date order, so if an issue is current then you're more likely to find it at the top. Or you can search using subject areas.

Overseas Operations Bill

The Overseas Operations Bill just isn’t fit for purpose. My Labour colleagues and I care deeply about our Armed Forces – that’s precisely why we couldn’t support it.

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Statement on Black Lives Matter

I was sickened and appalled by the recent killing of George Floyd in Minnesota by US law enforcement and wholeheartedly share the anger and frustration that this has caused in the US and around the world.

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Fireworks are a source of fear for many animals, including pets, and the distress caused by the loud explosions can have a serious impact, causing both physical and psychological injuries.

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Guards on Trains

Guards on trains have a vital role in ensuring that passengers have a safe and comfortable experience on their rail journeys.

Guards can assist disabled passengers who would be otherwise unable to travel, and are an important means of diffusing tension in instances of drunken, violent or anti-social behaviour from other passengers.

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Train Services in the North

There is an alarming gap between the amount of money spent on transport per person in London and that spent in the North of England.

It is clear from recent announcements that Chris Grayling as Transport Secretary has no intention of ending this gross inequality. The lack of investment in rail infrastructure is a huge problem, and I firmly believe that more spending is needed on our trains.

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Retiming local services in order to better co-ordinate rail and bus services would provide a smoother and more integrated system of public transport here in South Yorkshire. However, the question of timings for bus services is currently a matter for the individual companies who run the franchises.

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Free ATMs

I firmly oppose the withdrawal of free ATM services.

This issue of ATMs has two distinctive problems. The first is that free ATMs are valuable for local businesses and independent shops as a means of driving footfall through their premises and increasing passing trade.

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Air Quality

I am heavily involved in campaigning for better air quality and to improve our green spaces.

As Mayor of the Sheffield City Region (SCR), I have pledged to introduce an Air Quality Action Plan which brings together the four South Yorkshire councils and transport providers to reduce the health costs associated with poor air quality.

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Animal Sentience

It was very concerning that the Conservatives initially voted against an amendment that would have enshrined animal sentience into UK law after we leave the EU. I, along with my Labour colleagues, voted in favour of this amendment.

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Homelessness is an urgent priority that must be tackled. The fact that anyone in the 21st century has to sleep rough, or exist without a permanent home, is an absolute disgrace and one that, sadly, is an indictment of this Government’s approach to public services.

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