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You can read about my view on a variety of policy issues here. Posts are organised in date order, so if an issue is current then you're more likely to find it at the top. Or you can search using subject areas.

Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is a crime that is devastating to the lives of its victims, and usually affects the most vulnerable members of society.

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Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary

The protection of our planet and the sustainability of the natural world is vitally important. The world we leave to our children will be a reflection of our own generation’s stewardship of the planet.

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Putting People at the Heart of Planning

Whilst it is important that we build more homes and tackle the housing crisis, this must be balanced against the need to protect our natural heritage. I do not believe that housing development should be done at the expense of green belt land when other alternatives exist.

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Pupil Premium Plus for Adoptive Children

I very much believe that we need to reform the way that Pupil Premium Plus (PPP) is paid, especially for children who have been adopted.

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Social Care

We are facing a national crisis in our social care system. The reality is that funding is simply not keeping pace with demand.

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Heathrow expansion

I voted in favour of Heathrow expansion and the building of a third runway. I would like to take this opportunity to set out my reasons for doing so.

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East Coast Mainline

The ability of private franchises to provide a good quality service has yet again been called into question with the introduction of a new rail timetable which has reduced services and has caused major disruptions across the north of England.

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NHS funding

The NHS was one of the proudest achievements of the Labour Party and it is has always fallen to Labour to preserve and strengthen it.

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Pensions Dashboard

The Pensions Dashboard was intended to be a service that would enable pension recipients to be able to keep track of their pension pots and the different investment options open to them.

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It is important to ensure that local pubs are able to survive and thrive at what is a difficult time for the industry. The Labour Party has previously supported steps to relieve the tax burden on local pubs, such as through supporting the scrapping of the beer duty escalator.

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