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You can read about my view on a variety of policy issues here. Posts are organised in date order, so if an issue is current then you're more likely to find it at the top. Or you can search using subject areas.

Health: Presciption Charges

Prescription charges are an important source of income for our health service. Whilst I recognise that they can be a significant cost for many people, the flat rate charge for all prescriptions helps ensure that everyone is treated equally when it comes to their medical requirements.

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Environment: Bee-Killing Pesticides

I am very concerned about the recent decline in our bee population. Bees are absolutely vital to our economy and environment. We should be doing all we can to reverse this trend and protect bees from damaging pesticides and other environmental degradation.

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Education: School Funding

I am very concerned about the future of school funding in my constituency and across the country. As a result of new funding settlements, 92% of schools will face budget cuts over the next four years. In that context, many schools are struggling to set budgets at all.

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Fox-hunting ban

I will vote against any attempt by the Government to weaken or repeal the Hunting Act. I believe that hunting is a cruel and unnecessary support, and fully support the ban which has been in place since 2004.

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International: Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis is the biggest challenge facing Europe since the Second World War. Millions of people have fled the conflicts in the Middle East and many are now in Europe. Dealing with this crisis will require international coordination, with all European countries playing their part.

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International: Isil in the Middle East

There is no doubt that Isil poses a serious threat to our national security. They have carried out terrorist atrocities in France, Turkey, and against many of our other allies. Our intelligence agencies have foiled a number of planned attacks on the UK in recent years. That is why it is right that we are acting, along with our international partners, to confront this barbaric organisation.

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