Dan Jarvis - South Yorkshire Tree Planting Initiative

"As COP 26 draws to a close in Glasgow today, the climate emergency that confronts the planet has been back at the forefront of many of our minds. Discussions as to whether leaders are going far enough, fast enough will go on when what we really need is action!

"But we have a responsibility too. Here in our part of the world, we can make a difference – that’s why I’ve launched a tree planting scheme, allowing schools, community groups, churches, sports clubs to receive a tree for their grounds, absolutely free of charge, using my Mayoral Salary to fund this charitable work.

"We have already committed to planting lots of trees across South Yorkshire and I look forward to working with groups across our region to get trees in the ground and begin to make our area as clean and green as we can.

"The tree planting season has just begun – so if, like me, you are passionate about trees and our local environment and you run an organisation or know of one that would be interested in receiving a tree through this initiative, please get in touch with my office!"



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