Statement on Black Lives Matter

I was sickened and appalled by the recent killing of George Floyd in Minnesota by US law enforcement and wholeheartedly share the anger and frustration that this has caused in the US and around the world.

It deeply saddens me that, time and again, we are seeing the killing of young black people at the hands of police officers whose job it should be to protect and serve their communities.

I absolutely and unreservedly condemn President Trump’s response to the protests that has occurred in response to George Floyd’s killing and believe that the UK Government should condemn the Trump Administration in the strongest possible terms.

The appalling racism we are seeing in the US must not blind us to the structural inequalities and discrimination that is all too prevalent in the UK.

Closer to home, it is imperative that the killing of railway worker Belly Mujinga is properly investigated and her killer – who knowingly and deliberately infected her with COVID-19 – faces justice.

Moreover, whilst I welcome the Government’s U-turn on publishing Public Health England’s Report into the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on BAME communities, this report must be backed up with robust guidance and, if necessary, there should be a full public inquiry into its findings.

I am a lifelong campaigner against racism, bigotry and discrimination. I will always stand up for fairness, equality and justice for all.


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