Train Services in the North

There is an alarming gap between the amount of money spent on transport per person in London and that spent in the North of England.

It is clear from recent announcements that Chris Grayling as Transport Secretary has no intention of ending this gross inequality. The lack of investment in rail infrastructure is a huge problem, and I firmly believe that more spending is needed on our trains.

My priority will continue to be to improve local rail services in Barnsley. For too long investment in transport infrastructure has been heavily concentrated in London and the South East and events over recent weeks further reiterates this point. I will continue to make the case for more investment in our part of the country.

I have raised my concerns directly with the Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling MP and in my role as the Mayor of the Sheffield City Region, I have held meetings and discussions with the Transport for the North, Northern Rail and Network Rail to resolve this crisis.

I will continue to pressure the Government to reduce the inequality in transport infrastructure between London and the rest of the UK. We need to invest in the long-term future of our transport network if we are to live up to the title of the “Northern Powerhouse”. There is rightly a lot of anger about this unfairness and I will continue to raise this issue on behalf of my constituents.

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