Transport: Expansion of Heathrow

There have been a number of studies conducted to determine the best place for expansion of our airport capacity. Now that it seems clear that Heathrow is the best option, we should move ahead with plans for a third runway as soon as possible.

I believe that expanding our airport capacity is important to our economic future. At the same time as building a third runway, we must look at improving the connectivity of our regional airports so that the benefits are shared across the country.

It is very important, at the same time, that we continue to scrutinise the planned expansion of Heathrow to ensure that it is value for money and consistent with our environmental and decarbonisation commitments.

The long delay in the authorisation of the third runway raises serious questions about the efficiency of government decision making. It is very important that significant national infrastructure issues are dealt with in a timely manner, otherwise we risk falling behind our competitors in terms of the quality of our infrastructure.

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