100 Days to Go & Dan is Proud of Barnsley's Olympic Partnership

Barnsley Central MP, Dan Jarvis, has spoken about his pride in the Newham-Barnsley Partnership, 100 days before the London Olympic Games.


The former army Major explained, “In 100 days time, London will welcome the world for the biggest sporting competition on the planet. There is already a palpable sense of excitement building across Britain but there are some who are asking ‘How are the Games going to affect me?
“In Barnsley, we don’t need to ask that question, because thanks to the Newham-Barnsley Partnership, the Games have been affecting our town for the past two years.
“I am enormously proud of the partnership that has built cultural links between schools from our town and the Olympic borough of Newham.
“Last year I spoke with Lord Seb Coe who told me that he was delighted Barnsley was maximising the potential of the Games and ensuring the Olympic legacy endures.”
Oliver Coppard, manager of the Newham-Barnsley Partnership added, “With 100 days to go no one is doing more than Barnsley to make the most of the once in a lifetime opportunity presented by London 2012. From digital bursaries, to Olympic tickets to, volunteering at the Games, our unique Partnership with Newham is putting Barnsley right at the forefront of the Games’ legacy across the UK.”
In September last year, Barnsley Central MP, Jarvis, announced that he was launching – in conjunction with the Newham-Barnsley Partnership – an Olympic Digital Media Bursary.
Jarvis explained, “In Barnsley, we have seized the potential of the Games by exploring ways that we can get young people involved in a diverse range of activities and skills which are related to the Olympics. Of course, the Games are not just about the 10 runners that will line up for the 100 metres final. There will be thousands of journalists and commentators, cameramen and technical engineers. There will be tourist guides and leisure managers, event planners and catering managers. All of these industries will contribute to making the Games the success that I know they will be.
“In 100 days time, we will watch men and women from all over the world, run faster, jumper further and throw farther than ever before. All of which will be captured on TVs and Radios around the world. Therefore, I am delighted that the Newham-Barnsley Partnership has launched the 2012 Digital Media Skills Bursaries.
“Each successful applicant will receive a £500 fund for travel, work and equipment this summer. They will also have access to the Digital Media Centre and, most exciting of all, they will have unique access to events, athletes and venues at the Olympic Park. Additionally, leading media professionals and academics from the digital media sector will be on hand for expert advice and support.
“Barnsley has led the way in shaping our own Olympic legacy. The Digital Media Skills Bursaries will be a part of that. My hope is that as many people as possible will apply so that the 2012 London Olympics, will be one we never forget.

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