“Irresponsible Gamble with Public Safety” warns Jarvis

Barnsley Central MP, Dan Jarvis has today attacked the government’s police cuts amidst fears that South Yorkshire Forces are set to lose more than 400 police officers.

The former Army Major explained, “The first priority of any government is the protection of those you are charged with governing. The government are running a serious risk of not being able to perform their primary duty.”

“In the last few weeks we have seen lawlessness on the streets of the UK. It is no coincidence that it has happened at a time of unprecedented cuts to police budgets, and frankly it shouldn’t have come as a shock to the Home Secretary.”

He continued, “The police warned that anything above a 12% cut would lead to a loss of frontline police officers. The arrogance of this government is such that they went ahead with their 20% cut regardless of the advice of the professionals. Now it is ordinary hard working people that are set to pay the price with crime rising and fewer police on the street.”

In South Yorkshire, 14.7% of police officers have lost their jobs. That equates to 436 Police Staff and a further 18 PCSOs. This is an alarming number and worse still, this is only the beginning.”

Jarvis explained: “These figures will shock people in Barnsley and across South Yorkshire. No sensible person wants to see fewer police officers on our streets, or fewer police officers working to solve serious crimes, especially at a time of high unemployment.”

“This Government is taking an irresponsible gamble with policing and public safety in Barnsley and across South Yorkshire. I will be writing to the Home Secretary to try and urge her to do the right thing for ordinary hard working people across this country, and stop these police cuts before it is too late.”

“Crime has stopped going down and thousands of police officers are being lost. David Cameron needs a plan to cut crime, not a plan to cut police officers.”

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