Dan Jarvis MP - Statement on Brexit Deal

Commenting on the vote in Parliament on the Prime Minister’s Brexit Deal, Dan Jarvis MP said:

“Understandably, Brexit hasn’t been at the top of the political agenda in 2020. Covid has transformed our daily lives and battered our businesses. The OBR forecast 2.6 million jobs will be lost as a result of the pandemic and we are facing the deepest recession in Europe. Our communities in South Yorkshire are bearing the brunt of this disease and we will be living with the economic fallout for years to come.

“This was by no means a straightforward choice. This is not a good deal, and no one on the Labour side would claim it is. It is a thin agreement that does not adequately protect our manufacturing, service and creative industries, financial sector or workplace rights. But this was not a choice between the deal on the table and some alternative deal of our design – it was this deal, or No Deal.

“The last thing our already fragile economy needs is to crash out of the EU without a deal on our future relationship. No Deal would be a catastrophic outcome for our economy, manufacturing, environmental protections and national security; and hugely damaging to the communities and businesses I represent in Barnsley and South Yorkshire.

“That is why I voted to support this Deal in Parliament.


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