Dan Jarvis MP Champions Local Barnsley Apprenticeship Scheme

This week, Dan Jarvis MP championed a new Barnsley College apprenticeship initiative in the House of Commons.

Speaking after the exchange in the Chamber, Dan stated, “Yesterday’s figures revealed youth unemployment in Barnsley has risen again to 13.7%, and this was on the same day which the Chancellor delivered a budget offering nothing for the young people in our town.

“Here in Barnsley, nine major public and private sector employers are pioneering a new ‘pledge’ to ensure 2.5% of their workforce are apprentices. Schemes like this will go a long way in addressing youth unemployment. Not only do they provide skills for young people, they also provide businesses with the opportunity to expand and tailor a workforce which meets their needs.

“Today, I asked the Minister if he will learn from Barnsley’s example and was encouraged by his answer. The Government must take swift action to ensure existing opportunities for young people are protected, they must be proactive in supporting and creating new ways to utilise the wealth of potential that young people possess.

“I will now be writing to the Minister to ensure this is not another broken promise for our young people”.

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