Dan Wants Barnsley to “Be a Part of It.”

Barnsley Central MP, Dan Jarvis, will use the Parliamentary recess to visit some of South Yorkshire’s biggest tourist attractions as the regions tourist economy continues to grow.


Jarvis will spend much of the summer working in Barnsley and he outlined how he intends to spend his time, “I’ll be looking to visit as many of our tourist attractions as possible. In the first five months as the MP for Barnsley Central, I have spoken at length about my plans to change the local, regional and national profile of the town. Part of that is making people aware of the beauty and interest Barnsley, and surrounding areas has to offer.”

“Many families in Britain cannot afford to go on holiday abroad this summer and so they will be looking to holiday in Britain. I am proud to say that Yorkshire is leading the way in the regional tourism economy, having recorded 14% growth in the opening quarter of 2011, we are bracing ourselves for possibly, the busiest summer in a generation. What is more, we have enjoyed a 25% growth in visitor spend which compared to the national growth of just 5% is a remarkable achievement, and is evidence, that Yorkshire really is a special place to visit.”

“I want Barnsley to play its part in the local economy because I believe we have a lot to offer. Last week I visited the amazing Yorkshire Sculpture Park and will visit Wentworth Castle, Cannon Hall, the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield and the Cooper gallery in Barnsley in the coming weeks. This is a town rightly proud of our history but I want us to be a town rightly proud of our here and now. The Elsecar Heritage centre, the soon to be renovated Town hall, and hopefully, in the not too distant future, our brand new Barnsley Market, all make the town an integral part of a fantastic region, now and in the future. I want us all to be a part of it.”

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