Enough is Enough

Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis, has responded to yesterday's announcement that unemployment in his constituency has risen.

The total number of 16-64 year olds claiming Jobseekers allowance has risen to 3,021 in the last month.

Jarvis explained, "In the last month, 44 people who should be working and who want to be working have been forced back into the dole queue as a result of the Government's failed economic plan.

"There are now over 200 more people who are claiming JSA in Barnsley Central today than July 2011, evidence if ever it was needed, that the economic situation in our town is getting worse, not better. I know Barnsley's story is indicative of towns and cities across the UK.

"This is extremely frustrating when we consider what a great place Barnsley is to live, work and raise a family. The Barnsley Business Summit which included top digital brands such as Facebook, was a huge success. Businesses in Barnsley are desperate to expand and employ people but unfortunately the Government has created a national climate of economic uncertainty which is not conducive to jobs and growth.

"Enough is enough. People in Barnsley should not be forced to bear the brunt of David Cameron and George Osborne's failed economic plan. Plan B is desperately needed."

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