International: Isil in the Middle East

There is no doubt that Isil poses a serious threat to our national security. They have carried out terrorist atrocities in France, Turkey, and against many of our other allies. Our intelligence agencies have foiled a number of planned attacks on the UK in recent years. That is why it is right that we are acting, along with our international partners, to confront this barbaric organisation.

I support our ongoing military action against Isil. This has already helped the Iraqi Government retake large portions of the territory it has previously lost to Isil. It is clear from the cities liberated from their control the terrible destruction and oppression they have inflicted on those unfortunate enough to fall under their control. We must continue to do all we can to support the Iraqi Armed Forces to retake the remaining territory currently held by Isil.

All of this must be part of a wider strategy. We must cut off Isil’s funding, work to achieve a negotiated settlement in Syria, and come up with a coordinated plan to solve the ongoing refugee crisis, which is the biggest challenge facing the European continent since the Second World War. We must also pledge to do our bit to support those countries recover and rebuild after we have defeated Isil.

We have a strong tradition of standing up to oppression and injustice in this country. Our struggle against Isil is part of that tradition.

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