Jarvis Blasts Government's Jobs Omission

Barnsley Central MP, Dan Jarvis, has responded to the Queen’s Speech and admitted that he was “disappointed.”

During the speech, the Queen announced the Government’s plans for the forthcoming session of Parliament and Jarvis believes that Barnsley should brace itself for yet more pain.

Jarvis explained, “Today was a chance for David Cameron and Nick Clegg to recognise the mistakes they have made in bringing Britain back into a totally avoidable recession, and change course.

“What we heard was that the Government plan to plough on with a deteriorating austerity programme which hurts the many, not the few.

“In fact, the speech that David Cameron gave to the Queen never mentioned the word “jobs” once. That is unforgiveable.

“Issues like House of Lords reform and cameras in court are not the type of issues that hard working families particularly care about at this moment in time. This Speech was more about renewing the Coalition vows than helping Britain recover. It was another missed opportunity for the government to get to grips with the issues that matter.

“It is now becoming increasingly clear that Cameron and Clegg are out of touch with the reality of millions people across the country and they have put politics before people. What I wanted to hear for the people of Barnsley, was a set of policy proposals that will create a fair deal on tax and ensure that the banker’s bonuses are taxed to create jobs for 100,000 young people. I also wanted the Government to announce a tax deal that doesn’t take millions from Grannies so millionaires can pay less.

“I wanted a fairer deal for people on their energy bills with the Government outlining plans to break the dominance of the Big Six power companies and I wanted a fairer deal on Transport so that local authorities can have more control over bus firms.

“And above all else, I wanted to hear the Government outline plans for a fairer deal on jobs. Getting over 3,000 people in Barnsley Central back to work, is essential if we are to create the kind of town we all want to live in.

“We heard none of that today in the Queen’s Speech. Instead we now know the Tory-led Government’s priority is the future of the coalition, not the country. They plan to avoid the difficult questions and hide behind Liberal Democrat ideas so that David Cameron can stay in Number 10.”

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