Jarvis Hires Sugar

Dan has invited Lord Alan Sugar to address Labour MP's at his backbench Business, Innovation and Skills Committee...


Barnsley Central MP, Dan Jarvis, has enlisted the help of Labour Peer, Lord Alan Sugar to advise him on how to help Barnsley's economic regeneration project, succeed.

Jarvis, who tomorrow will Chair the Labour backbench Business, Innovation and Skills Committee alongside Lord Sugar, plans to ask the multi-millionaire a series of questions about skills, profile, infrastructure and workforce in Barnsley.

Speaking ahead of the committee, the Yorkshire MP explained, "Lord Sugar is one of the truly great British success stories. He has decades of first class business experience and expertise which I hope to harness and use as we look to build the next chapter in Barnsley’s history.”

Jarvis continued, “Lord Sugar grew up on the streets of Clapton which are not too dissimilar to those our kids in Barnsley are growing up on now. He wasn't from a well-off family but through sheer determination and hard work, he has built a multi-million pound business. Lord Sugar is a great example to our kids and my hope is that the example he sets will encourage as many of our children as possible, to go on and achieve their full potential.”

Lord Sugar will address the committee at 5pm on Wednesday 6th July 2011.

More to follow...

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