Jarvis Hosts The Warminster Military Wives Choir

Labour MP and former paratrooper Dan Jarvis, has hosted a performance from the Military Wives Choir featuring a number of the wives and partners of The 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment in the Speaker’s Apartments of the Houses of Parliament.

Jarvis explained, “It is vital that members of both houses of Parliament show our respect and admiration for the families of our brave soldiers.

“The Army is bound by selfless commitment, dedication and loyalty. It is a family and those on the frontline are dependent on those left behind for strength and support in order to undertake the difficult job that they do on our behalf.

“I was delighted to welcome the choir to parliament where they were greeted by the Speaker of the House of Commons, ministers from the Ministry of Defence and a large number of Lords and MPs, all of whom were blown away by their first-class performance”.

Speaking after the performance, the choir said, “It was a once in a lifetime chance to perform in parliament and we are enormously grateful that so many parliamentarians were able to hear our performance.

“In the space of just a few short months, amidst the anxiety that comes with being a soldier’s wife, we have been able to form some great friendships through the military wives choir. It is fantastic to see parliament recognising the effort we make to sustain our soldiers after what has been a particularly gruelling tour of Helmand for 3YORKS”.

Jarvis concluded, “We saw today the unique power of music to bring people together in times of uncertainty and fear and offer them solace.

“It was the first time that the choir have been invited to perform in parliament and I am certain that it won’t be the last”.

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