Jarvis' Marathon Effort for Cancer Research UK

Labour MP, Dan Jarvis, will run the Virgin London Marathon next April in a bid to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Shortly before entering Parliament in 2011, Jarvis lost his late wife to cancer and knows all too well how the disease is affecting millions of lives in Britain each and every day.

“Cancer knows no boundaries. It doesn’t take into consideration a person’s wealth, social status or family circumstances. Instead it can affect anyone at anytime and so the responsibility lies with us all to unite in the fight against cancer.

“By running the London Marathon for Cancer Research UK, I hope to play my part in raising money that can be used for vital research, new technology and improved patient care across the entire country”.

The Barnsley MP is not committing to run the marathon in any set time but has vowed to raise as much money as possible, “I want to raise as much as I can, as well as helping to raise awareness about early diagnosis of cancer.

“I know that our NHS staff do fantastic work in our hospitals, caring for cancer patients and helping to ease the burden on their families. Cancer Research UK also does a brilliant job in raising awareness around cancer and its symptoms.

“I know that we could save thousands of lives each year if people were more aware of cancer symptoms but unfortunately people put off screenings or going to see their doctor which sometimes leads to a late diagnosis.

“I know that running the marathon will be hard work and I’m not sure where I am going to find the time to do the training, but I believe that politicians should work with charities, pharmaceutical companies, scientists and Governments from around the world to try and find a cure for cancer.

“We must be bold in our attempts to combat the disease and if I can play my small part next April then I will be proud to do so”.

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