Jarvis Questions Government over Lack of Plain Cigarette Packaging Legislation

Dan Jarvis MP has questioned the Government concerning their failure to outline plans in the Queen’s speech to introduce the plain packaging of cigarettes.

Following a question asked last month regarding the Government’s plans to introduce legislation, he has continued to push for more action to be taken by the Government to cut the number of people who take up smoking at a young age.

In addition, Jarvis has entered into the ballot for a Private Members Bill and if successful has pledged to use the opportunity to introduce standardised cigarette packaging.

During the speech Jarvis stated, “257,000 11-15 year olds become smokers each year. This number is unacceptable. We already have legislation to prevent children below 18 buying cigarettes, we have banned smoking in public places, but more needs to be done.

“In Barnsley each year smoking costs £73.5m, there are 485 adult deaths from smoking each year. Despite this, the number of children smoking remains high; 951 children aged 11-15 take up smoking in Barnsley each year and approximately 1,100 10-14 year olds are regular smokers. It is time action is taken to prevent the costs of smoking stretching further and further into the future.

Jarvis continues, “There is the evidence, the public support and the moral imperative to act. Yet the Government has failed to take the definitive action needed to save lives, reduce healthcare costs and prevent children’s health being put at risk because of the tobacco lobby’s relentless pursuit for profit.

“We know advertising works and smoking kills. It’s time to do something about it.”

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