Jarvis Responds to Clegg’s Summer Camp Proposal

Dan has today responded to Nick Clegg's proposals to spend £50million on summer camps for disenchanted youths...


“I was surprised to hear Nick Clegg’s proposal for summer camps. I think he has fundamentally missed the point. Youths in Britain are disenchanted because their life chances are being severely squeezed by a programme of government cuts which go too far and too fast.”

“The Deputy Prime Minister wants to be taken seriously for making tough choices but when faced with one of the biggest challenges of the day – youth unemployment – his bright idea is to spend £50million on summer camps.”

“Families in Barnsley will be asking themselves today why it is that Nick Clegg isn’t spending that money on helping our young people get back to work or stay on education. Surely that is a far better investment in our children’s future?”

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