Jarvis Slams

Labour MP Dan Jarvis has responded to David Cameron’s speech to the Conservative Party conference in Manchester this afternoon.


Jarvis who was critical of the government last week, today said, “David Cameron proved this afternoon that is totally out of touch with millions of families across Britain.”

“Let's get a few things straight.”

“On his watch, the economy has stalled, unemployment amongst our young people is at a twenty year high and NHS waiting times have risen.”

“On his watch his government have done more to squeeze the life chances of young people and our children than any other government since Margaret Thatcher.”

“On his watch communities and families are being ripped apart as redundancies bite, the cost of living rises and energy bills soar.”

“On his watch, our nation's role in the world is under serious threat as our armed forces are dismantled, our equipment procurement programmes put in jeopardy and we are simply bystanders to the global economic crisis rather than world leaders.”

“On his watch child benefits, EMA, Sure Start and now the NHS - all things he looked into peoples eyes and promised to protect - are now either scrapped, unsafe or being torn apart to suit his 1980 ideology for what Britain should look like.”

“Ed Miliband has said all year that David Cameron is out of touch with the reality of millions of middle and working class families in Britain. Today's speech from the Prime Minister is proof, yet again, that Ed is right.”

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