Jarvis states “Fox is right to resign and take responsibility for his actions”

South Yorkshire MP, Dan Jarvis responding to Liam Fox’s resignation;

“Today Liam Fox has finally done the right thing by resigning.

“Over the last week we have been shocked by the facts which have come to light over numerous breaches of the Ministerial Code. Liam Fox has fallen short of the standards expected by our armed forces on the front line, the electorate and his colleagues.

“The Prime Minister has spent the last week trying to save the job of Liam Fox, when his efforts would have been best served trying to save the jobs of thousands of military personnel who face redundancy and thousands of people across the country who are worried about their future in the current climate.

“The past week’s revelations have revealed a lack of judgment from Liam Fox but this is only the latest in a series of bad decisions which he has made at the MoD over the last year.

“It is right that he has resigned and taken responsibility for his actions”.

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