Jarvis tells Clegg "You're not fooling anybody."

Barnsley Central MP Dan Jarvis, has responded to Nick Clegg's keynote speech at the Liberal Democrat conference by telling the Sheffield MP, "You're not fooling anybody."


Jarvis who has spent a week shadowing South Yorkshire Police and learning about the issues, "Watching the Deputy Prime Minister's speech was uncomfortable viewing. He was so out of touch with the reality of millions of families in Britain that it was deeply worrying. And what made it worse was that there was no remorse or apologises but simply a display of the same kind of arrogance that we have come to expect from the Prime Minister."

"The argument from Clegg was that over the summer Youths across Britain engaged in looting and theft because they felt that they had no future. He said that this could be addressed through the introduction of summer camp schools - an idea originally thought up by Labour. He claimed it was all part of his great liberal ideal. I find that hard to take when I consider that under his watch, the life chances of kids across this country have been severely squeezed. He must take responsibility for the fact that by getting into bed with the Tories, he has allowed them to cut the EMA funding, he has allowed them to cut Sure Start Centres and he has allowed them to triple university tuition fees. And worst of all, by embarking on their devastating programme of cuts that are too far, too fast, he has allowed them to create a limited confidence in our economy depriving our youngster of the investment in jobs that is key to their futures."

Jarvis concluded, "The Deputy Prime Minister is not fooling anybody but himself."

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