Jarvis tells Fox to “Show some respect”

Labour MP Dan Jarvis has responded to Liam Fox’s claims that the military should take their blame for the economic crisis.


“I think it is about time Liam Fox showed our servicemen and women some respect.

“I know from having served on the frontline over the last decade that we have asked our troops to fight in some of the most dangerous theatres of war that British forces have ever fought in.”

“For the Defence Secretary to imply that the drastic and dangerous cuts that he, and he alone, is making at the MoD, is somehow the fault of our senior military advisors who have dedicated their lives to the British Forces, quite honestly beggars belief.”

“This is a cynical attempt to try and divert attention away from David Cameron and Liam Fox’s budget cuts. Cuts that risk permanent and dangerous damage being done to our Armed Forces.”

“It is also further evidence of what I said to the Labour Party Conference on Monday; Liam Fox, the Conservative party and now the Liberal Democrats, have no idea how to treat our Armed Forces.”

“We already knew that if the Prime Minister and Defence Secretary had their way, our service personnel would be seen and not heard. Now it seems that they he wants to use this country’s bravest as a shield to block criticism of his leadership at the Ministry of Defence.”

“The Defence Secretary should apologise for this crass remark and start recognising the tremendous job our Forces do, all over the world.”

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