Jarvis, "This is no time for celebration."

Barnsley Central MP, Dan Jarvis has responded to today’s unemployment figures and warned the Prime Minister; “don’t be complacent, this is no time for celebration.”
Jarvis explained, “Another month and yet more people unemployed in Barnsley Central.

“The Prime Minister wanted everyone to pat him on the back and applaud him today because unemployment had fallen by 45,000 nationally. The reality is, as the Centre for Economics and Business Research suggested this week, the outlook for the economic future looks increasingly difficult as unemployment in certain areas of the country is projected to continue to increase over the next five years.

“In Barnsley Central, unemployment has again increased – now up to 3,119. There are also more women unemployed today than a month ago, with the number rising to 919.

“And the Government cannot claim that this is simply because of uncertainty in the Eurozone. Long term unemployment is now at its highest across the country since 1996. In Barnsley Central, 765 people have been claiming jobseekers allowance for over 12 months now. Think of the human impact of this, think of the struggle; a whole year of uncertainty for those people and for their families. It is the human cost of Cameron’s politics that he so wilfully forgets when he is at the Dispatch Box.

“And the Prime Minister should recognise that this is no time for celebration. Long term youth unemployment is twice the level of last year and the overall claimant count is 100,000 higher than last year. What is even more worrying for people, is that the number of redundancies has surged to 50,000 more than last year and the number of vacancies is down by over 10,000.

“A month ago I was frustrated because I know that Barnsley is a brilliant place to live, to raise a family and to work - something which for many, they are being prevented from doing because the Government has woefully failed to create a climate that is conducive to jobs and growth. A month later, I am now becoming increasingly angry at the Government’s failure to recognise the error of their ways.

“Cameron’s complacency is the reason unemployment in Barnsley Central continues to grow and for that reason, I will keep the pressure on him and his Government to provide the answers that we so desperately need.”

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