Jarvis Urges Barnsley to Make Armed Forces Proud

Former Para turned Barnsley Central MP, Dan Jarvis, has spoken ahead of Armed Forces Day on Saturday and warned the Government to “Remove the cloud of uncertainty that is hanging over The Yorkshire Regiment”.

Jarvis explained, “On Saturday people across Yorkshire and in Barnsley will have the opportunity to celebrate and commemorate the men and women of our Armed Forces who have and who continue to do, the most difficult job in the most difficult of circumstances.

“Armed Forces Day 2012 comes at a time of great uncertainty for much of our Armed Forces, including of course, those who serve in The Yorkshire Regiment.

“Well-sourced reports have suggested that it is the intention of the Defence Secretary to abolish The 3rd Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment and that only political posturing from David Cameron is holding up the announcement.

“3YORKS are currently deployed on an operational tour of Afghanistan and many of their family members will be gathering on Saturday not knowing if their husband or wife, father or mother, son or daughter, will have a long-term future in the Army when they return.

“The continued speculation is very damaging to the morale of our troops. I know that without good morale, even the basics are difficult. With good morale, almost anything is achievable. That is why I am continuing to press the Defence Secretary to remove the cloud of uncertainty that is hanging over The Yorkshire Regiment.

“The Tories once professed to be the natural party of defence. We now know that they are a party that puts Whitehall savings before military strategy. The Defence secretary lacks a vision for our Forces and compassion for our service personnel.

“Our Armed Forces deserve the gratitude of the entire country and I know that this Saturday, Yorkshire and Barnsley will make them proud.”

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