Jarvis Visits British Library and Criticises Tory Mayor of London

Shadow Culture Minister, Dan Jarvis, has continued his tour of the nation’s libraries this morning as he visited the British Library.


Jarvis’ visit comes as the Tory Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is set to launch his “Love Libraries” campaign with, Peter Andre - the former husband of glamour model Katie Price.

The Barnsley MP explained, “I am taking the issue of libraries very seriously which is why I chose to visit the British Library this morning.

“The British Library is a true British Landmark. It houses some of the most precious collections of literature in the world with over 14 million books, 920,000 journal and newspaper titles, 58 million patents and 3 million sound recordings. The demand for the information is there with over 16,000 items from the library used each and every day.

“It is a national treasure that is a model for the world and deserving of a government that will protect it.

“London won't be interested in the Mayor's gimmicks or fleeting interests in libraries for electoral purposes. I know the real value of libraries to ordinary people across the country and I know how damaging it will be to local communities, if 600 libraries are forced to close.

“It seems as though the issue of Libraries is being taken seriously by Labour, the DCMS Select committee but not by the Government or the Tory Mayor of London.

“With the government imposing the deepest cuts in living memory on Local Authorities, it is forcing Councils to make very difficult decisions about libraries. My report, ‘A Vision for a 21st Century Library’ will look seriously and forensically at what a 21st century library should look like.

“So far, I have found some first-class examples of how library provisions can be maintained in communities. What local communities need now is for Jeremy Hunt, Boris Johnson and Ed Vaizey to start showing real leadership because once these libraries are shut, it will very difficult for them to be reopened.”

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