Jarvis warns that a “half-hearted” solution to regeneration won’t work.

Barnsley Central MP, Dan Jarvis, had warned the government that a “half-hearted” approach to regeneration “simply won’t work.”


Jarvis’ criticism follows the release of the Communities and Local Government Select committee report last week.

The former Army Major explained, “The cross-party report made clear that the government lack a comprehensive strategy for regeneration in towns like Barnsley. The committee have come to the same conclusions that I and many others in Barnsley reached months ago; the New Homes Bonus, Regional Growth Fund and rail investment are simply half-hearted attempts at regeneration.

“With the government cutting too far and too fast, towns like Barnsley risk being left behind for a generation. That would be devastating. Especially when we consider that our new market town project was just days away from being signed and agreed to back in 2008.

“The government have failed to realise that private sector investment will not come to Barnsley unless we can prove that we have the infrastructure, skills base and the businesses to help investors see a return for their money.

“The government have not grasped the problems that their cuts programme is having on regeneration projects. Key to the success of any regeneration project is a focus on people and communities, relationship building across different sectors all combined with a long-term vision. The government have none of the above.”

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