Jarvis Welcomes Independent Review of Policing

Barnsley Central MP, Dan Jarvis, has welcomed the announcement of the Labour Party’s review into Policing.


Jarvis, who spent a week on the beat with South Yorkshire police in September explained, “British policing is facing a perfect storm of cuts which go too far too fast, chaotic Government reforms which lack strategy or vision, escalating demands and declining morale.
“Each and every one of us rely on the police – to maintain law and order, sustain respect for the rule of law, prevent crime, bring criminals to justice, keep us safe and give us confidence in our security.
“There are new challenges and growing demands on the police – from cybercrime to international terror, from riots and public order to honour killings. And the police like other public services need to continually reform and adapt to keep up with new challenges and growing public expectations.
“Yet at the same time our police forces are having to cope with 20% cuts and the loss of 16,000 officers. Chaotic and confused reforms are creating uncertainty and even greater fragmentation.
“Most seriously of all, morale in the police is now at rock bottom, made worse by Ministers’ rush to blame the police whenever things go wrong. I will continue to keep the pressure on the government to do the right thing for out police forces so that the streets of Barnsley remain as safe as possible.”

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