Jarvis Writes to the Office of National Statistics

Jarvis appeals to the Office of National Statistics to give Creative industries the attention they deserve

Shadow Culture Minister, Dan Jarvis MP, today sent a letter to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) requesting the inclusion of the creative industries’ statistics within the national accounts.

“I believe that the creative industries need independent recognition to secure an understanding of the sector’s important place within the UK economy and society.”

“The creative industries are extensive. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport estimates that in 2011 the Gross Value Added (GVA) for creative industries was 2.9%. It is an area which is evolving and innovative, continuing to develop in areas such as social networking and online gaming, providing new opportunities for growth.”

“Providing an equal platform for the creative industries to showcase their contribution to the UK economy is vital. This means including creative industries statistics in employment and export releases, but most importantly within the national accounts.”

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