MP Slams Government for Targeting Most Deprived Communities

A new study has shown that cuts to local government budgets in the Tory-led Government’s current spending review are been targeted at the most deprived areas.

Recent research has shown it is predominantly Labour Councils in areas with high levels of deprivation that have seen the worst of the cuts – some have seen their budgets cut by almost 10 times the amount lost by mostly Tory authorities in the south.

Speaking from his office in Barnsley, Dan Jarvis, MP for Barnsley Central said, “We all knew the cuts were being targeted unfairly. In April next year, on the same day that the poorest will get council tax rises, millionaires will be enjoying a tax cut!”

When investigating the findings of the report for himself, Dan was outraged to see the difference between his own local authority and that of the Prime Minister’s. “When looking at the figures, it is clear that the Tories and Lib Dems have actually targeted cuts at the most deprived communities in the country,” he explained. “David Cameron’s local authority of West Oxfordshire loses only £34.33 per head compared to £117.77 per head being cut for Barnsley MBC; this is scandalous! How is it fair or morally justifiable?”

Dan pledged to raise the issue with the Chancellor and Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. “I will be writing to George Osborne and Eric Pickles to let them know what the people of Barnsley Central think of their blatant disregard for the ordinary hard-working people of our town. I don’t believe they can justify it and I am sure, neither will my constituents.”

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