My Private Member's Bill to tackle child poverty

My Private Member's Bill sets out to introduce a target to reduce Child Poverty. As in life, if you want to achieve something in Government, it is useful to set a target. I believe setting a target would help realise a common purpose to tackle child poverty, which includes communities, employers and government at every level.


The Bill seeks to:

  • Set an ambitious new target based on the 60% income measure .
  • Potentially set interim targets to measure progress.
  • Set a duty on ministers to meet the target.
  • A duty on local authorities to assess the needs of children living in poverty in their area and to produce a child poverty strategy. The 2010 Act required co-operation with partner agencies including district councils, police and criminal justice, transport & health authorities.
  • Future governments to be bound by the duty.
  • Place a duty on Government to report to Parliament on progress annually.
  • Responsibility on minister to detail to parliament reasons if progress is not being made; or when an interim target is missed, if we set an interim target.
  • Require framework for development of policy across depts and at all levels of government.
  • Require distributional analysis to be published alongside budgets & autumn statement.
  • Requirement for the impact on child poverty of all tax and spending decisions combined, alongside every budget and autumn statement.
  • Consider changes to the regularity child poverty statistics are published.

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