Olympic Site Tour an “Inspiration for Barnsley”

Barnsley Central MP, Dan Jarvis, today led a group of Barnsley students on a tour of the London 2012 Olympic site.

Children from Carlton Community College, Priory, St Michael’s, Holgate and Darton schools, all accompanied the Yorkshire MP on a tour which he described as, “inspiring.”

Jarvis explained, “The Olympic Games is the most prestigious sporting event on the planet. Just driving around this site makes me feel proud to be British. It was obvious from the looks on the kids faces that they were excited and at times, amazed by the different venues. Hopefully we achieved what we aimed to achieve today; that the kids go back to Barnsley with the belief that they can become the architects and designers, the athletes and commentators of the next generation.”

“I believe that London 2012 will open the doors of opportunity to kids, right across Barnsley. Yet as we have seen, it is a long process. We won the right to host the Olympics on July 6th 2005. It will be the best part of a decade before the torch arrives in Stratford. I don’t expect the Olympic legacy to have an immediate impact on the entire town of Barnsley from July 2012, but I do hope that the kids who came to London today, have seen a total picture and will be inspired to go back to Barnsley and work hard so that they might pursue careers in sport, journalism, business studies, tourism or event planning.”

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