Shadow Culture Minister to Tour the Regions

Shadow Culture Minister Dan Jarvis will begin a tour of the regions tomorrow as he looks to talk to the arts and creative industries across the whole of the UK.


Speaking ahead of the start of the tour, Jarvis explained, “It is really important for MPs to get out to different parts of the country and talk to people on the ground who are involved in the day-today- running of the sector.

“Culture is a crucial part of the fabric of British life. The last Labour government did some fantastic work to generate momentum in the creative economy that led to world leading sectors such as fine art, theatre and animation. Now is the time to build on that legacy, and to ensure that Britain’s creative edge doesn’t erode, but endures and prospers.

“I will be talking to industry experts about how we can sustain jobs and growth in the arts and creative industries and how we can ensure that the arts are vibrant in all towns and communities across all of the country.

“I’ve decided to go to Exeter and Bristol to begin the tour because of the fantastic work that is being done there. Tomorrow I will visit places like Animated Exeter and the Sound Gallery as well as Watershed in Bristol.

“The South West of England is crucial to the future of the Creative Industries in the UK but without sustained and fairer investment, it risks becoming isolated with much of the progress being made over the last fifteen years being undone.

“I know from parliamentary questions I have asked, that Jeremy Hunt has barely visited any Art Galleries, Museums, Theatres or places of heritage outside of London since taking his post. I plan to be much more proactive and I am very much looking forward to continuing to engage with the creative community.”

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