Statement on the recent killings in Gaza

Over the past couple of days I have been asked about recent events in Gaza.

I believe the role of Hamas in orchestrating both this event and similar ones to be utterly deplorable, but that killings such as those conducted by the IDF are equally deplorable and should not form a part of any country’s security policy.

Sometimes the use of force is necessary. But for it to be legitimate it must distinguish between those who pose a threat and those who do not, be proportional in terms of both the threat and the objective, and be borne out of the need to protect life and prevent further suffering. I do not believe that the IDF’s use of lethal force on Monday was either necessary or proportionate and therefore believe it highly likely that the IDF acted illegally.

I therefore condemn the actions of both Hamas and the IDF and believe that any attempt to condone or justify their actions to be misplaced.

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