Universal Credit

The Government should stop the rollout of Universal Credit and fix the problems that it is causing in the real world.

I support the principle of Universal Credit as a means of simplifying the benefits system through combining a number of separate benefits into a single payment. I also support the theory that Universal Credit will help people back to work and help them better understand how to manage their personal finances.

However, the implementation of Universal Credit has been a disaster. The initial delays of up to five weeks before payments could be made meant that many people were left in a precarious financial situation and often unable to afford their rent or bills. And the handling of the fallout by the DWP, which is often inaccessible and unhelpful, has meant that it has been difficult for claimants to find a solution to their situation.

The Government urgently needs to review how its policies have affected some of the most vulnerable in our society. When the Equality & Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is so unequivocal in its condemnation of government policy, one would hope that the government would take heed. Sadly, this does not seem likely with the current administration.

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