Ending child poverty

1 February 2017

In this video, Dan Jarvis MP talks about his Private Member's Bill to bring back a target for reducing child poverty on a visit to a Sure Start centre in his constituency.

  • Ending child poverty

    1 February 2017

    In this video, Dan Jarvis MP talks about his Private Member's Bill to bring back a target for reducing child poverty on a visit to a Sure Start centre in his constituency.

  • Westminster Hall Debate on Child Poverty

    21 December 2016

    Dan leads a debate in Parliament about the urgent need to reduce child poverty - which is projected to increase significantly in the coming years.

  • Point of Order about Oaks Colliery Disaster

    13 December 2016

    Dan asks a Point of Order in the House of Commons about how Parliament can commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Oaks Colliery Disaster, which killed 383 miners in Barnsley.

  • Radio 5 Live Brexit Debate

    06 Dec 2016

    Speaking in a debate on Radio 5 Live, Dan argues that the result of the referendum must be respected and it is now the job of everyone in public service to work to get the best deal for Barnsley and for Britain.

  • Oxford Union Poppy Debate

    15 Dec 2015

    The Motion: This House Would Not Wear The Red Poppy. Dan closes the case for the opposition, as the sixth and final speaker in the debate
  • The State of the North: A more powerful Britain, Dan Jarvis MP keynote speech

    28 Oct 2015

    Speaking at the launch of the IPPR North's State of the North report, Dan sets out his vision for the northern economy in a keynote speech at Sheffield Town Hall.

  • Dan Jarvis talks to Paul Waugh | Labour Conference 2015

    30 Sep 2015

    Dan spoke to Paul Waugh about his role on Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet and his experience from his time in the army.

  • Dan Jarvis speaks in debate on Corporal McLaughlin

    18th November 2014

    Dan speaks in support of investigating the case of Corporal Stewart McLaughlin who lost his life after a series of gallant actions in the battle of Mount Longdon, and was never awarded for his bravery.

  • Dan Jarvis speaks in a debate on the National Minimum Wage

    16th December 2014

    Dan speaks about the importance of strengthening the National Minimum Wage, after his Private Member's Bill on the same subject was not given its second reading in Parliament.

  • WW1 Debate Speech

    26th June 2014

    Dan's speech on the First World War Commemorations.

  • Adjournment Debate - Future Education Opportunities for Young People in Barnsley Central


    Dan leads a debate in the Chamber on future education opportunities for young people.

  • Dan's Budget Response Speech


    Dan responds to the 2013 Budget
  • Warminster Military Wives Sing 'One Day Like This'


  • Speaker John Bercow Addresses Military Wives Choir


  • Amore Perform in Parliament


  • Dan Joins 4Talent at their Roadshow in Barnsley

    22nd June 2012

    4Talent held a roadshow to help people to find pathways into careers in the Creative Industries. Shadow DCMS Minister, Dan Jarvis MP joined them...

  • Connected Business Barnsley - Panel Discussion

    15th June 2012

    Dan chairs the discussion panel at the Connected Business event in Barnsley on 15th June 2012.

  • Britain's Role In the World


    We should never tire from asking the question, what is Britain's role in the world?

  • Remembrance Day Speech


    Dan gave a speech during the Armed Forces debate where he paid tribute to the Great British Sailor, Soldier and Airmen.

  • Dan Jarvis Grills Cameron on SDSR

    28th June 2011

    Dan Jarvis Grills Cameron on SDSR 


  • Dan's Speech to the Labour Party Conference


     Dan addressed the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool where he spoke about his belief in public service and his time in The Parachute Regiment.

  • Hillsborough Disaster


    Dan put his support for the families of the 96 on record in an emotionally-charged debate on the floor of the House of Commons...

  • Dan's Speech on Libya

    5th April 2011

    Dan talks about Libya, and why we ignore the lessons of history at our peril.

  • Dan's Adjournment Debate Speech


    Dan secured an Adjournment Debate on Economic Regeneration in Barnsley

  • Dan chats to talkSPORT about Hillsborough Debate


    Dan spoke to Richard Keys and Andy Gray on Wednesday before PMQs to put pressure on David Cameron to secure the debate on Hillsborough and publically declare his support for the release of the unredacted government files.

  • Dan talks about morale in Defence Community


     Dan talks to ITV Calendar about the effect of the defence cuts on the morale of our Armed Forces

  • Dan's Speech on the NHS Reforms

    5th May 2011

    Dan talks about the NHS, it's heroes, how they have served his family, and the limits of the market. "There is a reason BUPA do not do A&E."

  • Dan's Maiden Speech

    23rd March 2011

    Dan's Maiden Speech in House of Commons, 23rd March 2011

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