Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

2017 has been a challenging year. Whilst the General Election, the Brexit negotiations and terrorism have dominated many of the domestic headlines, too many of the stories that affect ordinary people have gone unheard.

Every day as the MP for Barnsley Central I see and feel the challenges my constituents are facing, and I will continue to fight in parliament to make their lives better. I also see the best of people; those who care for others and those who volunteer to improve our communities – I cannot thank them enough for the work they undertake.

As we begin the Christmas holidays, I hope that everyone has the opportunity to reflect and spend some quality time with family and friends. If there are moments when you have loved ones close, I encourage you to make the most of them; many of my fondest memories are of those quiet moments of contentment surrounded by loved ones.

The New Year will bring new challenges, but, as it stands, my work will continue to be focused on: ensuring that every young person gets the best possible start in life; changing the organ donation law; reducing the number of people who die needlessly every winter; national security; and the issue of Yorkshire devolution. 

Our community poll on the future of local devolution has delivered a decisive verdict and, energised by this, I will continue to make the case for a wider Yorkshire deal. I believe it is the right way to prepare for life after Brexit, and on Tuesday the 9th of January, I will lead a Parliamentary debate on this issue.

Finally, I want to give my profound thanks for people’s support, generosity and good humour over the past twelve months – it has been very much appreciated.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a prosperous and peaceful 2018.

Dan & family


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