Barnsley Chronicle article: How will Trade Union Bill affect democracy?

Barnsley is a town built on coal and, because of that, trade unions have always had deep roots in our community.

Many of the people I know in Barnsley have vivid memories of the miners’ strike and still feel its impact today.

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Barnsley Chronicle Column: Supporting David against Goliath

On the whole, people come to see me as their MP when they need help with an issue. Sometimes that’s a relatively straight forward thing to do.

If a constituent isn’t happy with their treatment from one of our many public services, I work with my Caseworker to advise them about the best way to make their voice heard, and then support them through the (often lengthy) complaints process.

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Barnsley Chronicle Column: Give women the recognition they deserve

Women are the backbone of many local communities and often don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Whether it’s keeping families afloat, or caring for friends and relatives, or running local community groups – often on top of many other responsibilities – their contribution is sometimes taken for granted.

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Barnsley Chronicle Column: Don’t let debt add to January blues

Everyone knows that January can be a tough month. The post-Christmas blues and the often miserable weather combine to leave many feeling down and struggling to cope.

I also know from my constituency post bag that a number of problems come to a head in the New Year, including drink, divorce and debt.

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Barnsley Chronicle Column: Don’t lose the right to vote!

In just a few months’ time over a million voters could lose the right to vote – and they may not even realise it.

It is potentially the biggest disenfranchisement in the history of the United Kingdom and is a potential disaster for democracy in our country. Many people, without even knowing, will lose their right to vote for councillors, MPs, MEPs and in the EU referendum which is due in the next couple of years.

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Barnsley Chronicle Column: Graduation

Today I am speaking at the graduation ceremony for University Campus Barnsley and Barnsley College.

My theme will be what we can learn from our own past to influence our future. I was inspired by an event a few weeks ago, when people across the globe celebrated ‘Back to the Future Day’ – October 21 2015.

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Barnsley Chronicle Column: Our 999 Crews are the backbone of community

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have to rely on our emergency services. From the local Barnsley police, to our ambulance and fire crews, the work these services do cannot be underestimated. These people serve us. The chilling attacks in Paris last week remind us how much we rely on them. They are the backbone of our communities, keeping us safe in our homes and on the streets. Even when we are away from home, mountain rescue and the national coastguard make sure that we can enjoy the outdoors, confident in the knowledge that should the worst happen, there is help we can call upon.

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Barnsley Chronicle column - Getting Businesses Booming in Barnsley

As I write this, on a beautiful sunny October morning, I am looking out across Barnsley and despite all the challenges we face, I am pleased to see the signs of a town which is improving.

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Barnsley Chronicle Column: Tackling Child Poverty in Barnsley

25% of all children in Barnsley are living in poverty.

It’s a shocking statistic but sadly, it’s true.

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Barnsley Chronicle Column: Remembering the spirit of VE day

Friday 8th May 2015 marked the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe, the day when the war with Nazi Germany that had begun almost six long years earlier finally came to an end.

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