Organ Donation: Opt-out System

There are 6,388 people in the UK waiting for an organ donation. Last year, 457 people died while still waiting. I have long held that as a country we can do more to help those in need of organ transplants. I believe the most effective way to do this is to increase the number of potential donors through the introduction of an opt-out system of organ donation.

Under the current opt-in system, people must register to become an organ donor. This means we are reliant on potential donors not only thinking about it but also finding the time to sign up. However, the system in place in Wales – and in many countries across Europe – is opt-out. This means that people must take the active step of stating that they do not wish their organs to be donated. For those who take no action, they are deemed to have given consent.

The evidence from Wales suggests that the move to an opt-out system has dramatically increased the number of organs available. Recently, the Scottish Government announced it planned to introduce a similar system in Scotland. In 2017, I have been campaigning for us to have an opt-out system of organ donation in England too.

Any change would have to be accompanied by a strong set of safeguards to ensure that no one’s organs were donated against their wishes. There would also need to be an active public awareness campaign to ensure that people were aware of the change and to encourage more people to take the positive step of becoming potential organ donors.

Key milestones

Next steps

in July 2017 my colleague, Geoffrey Robinson MP, introduced his Private Member’s Bill in Parliament to move to an opt-out system of organ donation in England. The second reading of Geoffrey's bill will take place on 23 February 2018. I will be supporting Geoffrey's efforts and encouraging colleagues from across the House of Commons to do the same. The people waiting for an organ donation do not have the luxury of time to waste and we need to make progress towards an opt-out system as soon as possible.



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