Dan Jarvis MP - Local accents should be celebrated and preserved

From the famous Barnsley Markets to our award-winning parks and green spaces, I find myself continually captivated by the unique character of our Town and the beauty it contains. Yet, among the many characteristics that contribute to Barnsley’s charm, often overlooked are the diverse dialects that colour our conversations.

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Dan Jarvis MP: Importance of local churches

As we welcome the new year, it is worth recognising that the month of January can bring unique challenges for many in our community. The end of the festive season often comes with financial difficulties, particularly as we are still in the midst of a cost of living crisis and, in times such as this, our local churches are invaluable pillars of support.

Over the past few weeks, I've had the privilege of visiting a number of exceptional churches here in Barnsley, including in Grimethorpe, Wilthorpe, Monk Bretton, Darton, and the Town Centre. This highlighted to me the incredible work being done for people and the sense of community and togetherness these churches foster.

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Dan Jarvis MP - New Year Message 2024

I hope that you all had the best possible Christmas and New Year and managed to take a break in order to spend time with family and friends and catch up with some well-earned rest after another challenging year.

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Dan Jarvis MP - Christmas Message 2023

As we approach Christmas, I am reminded of the unique and powerful way in which it brings our community and our country together.

In difficult times, Christmas can serve as a beacon of hope and foster a sense of unity and shared purpose that helps transcend the challenges we face. This hope and unity is particularly important given the pressures local communities are facing, and the horrifying scenes of violence and destruction that we are watching unfold in Ukraine, the Middle East, and in other places around the world.

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Speech to RUSI Annual Conference on Serious Organised Crime


It is a privilege to speak at RUSI’s inaugural conference on serious organised crime. This is an important gathering at a time when the criminal underworld is increasingly trying to crawl out of the gutter and onto Britain’s streets. RUSI is an unrivalled leader in facilitating the must-have conversations on how to tackle our world’s most pressing challenges.

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Statement on Israel/Gaza Conflict and Votes in Parliament

I know this is an issue that people on both sides care passionately about.

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Festival of Remembrance 2023

It’s a great privilege, as it is every year, to be here tonight and I’m grateful to all those who have worked hard to make this event happen.

In particular I want to pay thanks to Tom Barnes, Philip Watson, Goff Griffiths, Diane Atkinson and the Revd Philip Maries.

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The Funeral of Mel Dyke - Dan Jarvis MP Eulogy

[Check against delivery]


It’s a privilege and an honour to be here to pay tribute to Mel Dyke.


What a life she lived and what a legacy she leaves behind: Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother!

Teacher, author, mentor, patron and a true Barnsley and Yorkshire champion.

Wise, generous, funny, tough, and a fine friend to so many of us.

I’ll always remember the very first time I met Mel.

I knocked on her door, during my by-election.

I can’t quite remember if she called me ‘young man’, I think she did, but she certainly said that she was pleased to see me and straight away invited me in for a talk.


She would be doing most of the talking!

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Dan Jarvis MP: Statement Regarding Sentencing

I was deeply concerned to read the decision taken by the Court in this case.

Given the very serious nature of the crimes committed, and that the perpetrator pleaded guilty to all 10 offences, I find it very difficult to understand how he was not deemed a serious threat to the public and remanded in custody.

I will be urgently raising these concerns with the Crown Prosecution Service and the Attorney General’s office.

Tribute to Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


Thank you Mr Speaker.

It is a solemn honour to pay tribute in this House to Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

I want to begin by offering condolences on behalf of my Barnsley constituents and myself to the Royal Family in their time of grief.

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